Additional Readings and Supplemental Material

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  • Chapter 1 -
    Before and After the Breakup of AT&T
They Should Have Seen it Coming  
  • Chapter 2 -
    Stability as the World Changed
Mapping the Telebomb to the Stock Market Boom and Bust  
  • Chapter 3 -
    The Telecommunications Act of 1996
The FCC’s To Do List after the Telecom Act of 1996 was Passed  
  • Chapter 4 -
    The Second Race to Cover the United States in Optical Fiber
Hosting to the Rescue Profile: Williams Communications
  • Chapter 5 -
    The Big Get Bigger: The Entry of the RBOCs into the Long-Distance Market
Section 271 Applications by Year Mapping the 14-point Checklist onto the RBOC Network
  • Chapter 6 -
    The Last Stand of the Long-Distance Companies
The Imperative to Reduce Access Fees  
  • Chapter 7 -
    The Rise and Fall of the Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
 Profile: Talk America Profile: PacWest Telecomm
  • Chapter 8 -
    Lost Opportunities by the Cable Companies
Comcast: Adding Up the Acquisitions Profile: Cox Communications
Charter: Adding Up the Acquisitions Squandering the Early Bandwidth Lead
  • Chapter 9 -
    The Crash
Profile: Touch America Another Casualty: Disappearing Payphones
  • Chapter 10 -
    Who Won?
From the Beginning: Selected Carriers Stock Performance Charts
On the Rebound: Top 10 Stock Performance Chart
From the Beginning: ILEC Stock Performance Charts
Timing is Everything
Down the Mountain: Top 10 Stock Performance Chart
  • Chapter 11 -
    Likely Future Winners and Losers
The Bubble Boys: Lucent and Nortel  

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